Former Liverpool player Phill Babb has urged Chelsea to make a shock move for former striker Diego Costa within the January window. The London club have lacked firepower in that position with both Alvaro Morata and Olivier failing to live up to expectations. The Blues have scored 11 goals in their last 10 games, and currently ranked the least among top six clubs.

Arsenal and Manchester United currently chase the Blues in the top four race, and Phill Babb has suggested Diego Costa as the forward to bring the Chelsea scoring mojo.

Alvaro Morata have failed to live up to expectation since his arrival from Real Madrid in the summer of 2017. The forward could potentially depart to Sevilla on loan in the current window.

With few World class forward available in the market, Phill Babb has advised Chelsea to go for the man that netted 59 goals in his 120 appearance for the club.

“This time of year it’s hard to get a goal scorer,” Babb said told Sky Sports on Friday. “I’m going to throw a name that might shock the viewers but maybe they should put a bid in for Diego Costa.

“They’re missing a bit of steel, that passion and these recent results like losing at home to Leicester show there’s a bit of fragility there.

“Bringing in Costa would light up the place and get everyone fired up again.”