Spanish midfielder Cesc Fabregas on Thursday night justified why he desire a creative midfielder in the holding role. Sarri was at the receiving end of a media criticism after a below par performance against local rivals Tottenham hotspur on Saturday but the performance of the former Barcelona man has proven why Sarri demands a technical player in that position.

Fabregas was able to justify his credential with a lofty pass above the Paok defender to Frenchman Olivier Giroud and the former Arsenal forward made no mistake as a volleyed the ball into the net for his second goal of the night. A move which Kante might likely not be able to muster.

Kante might lack creativity at the middle of the park, but his defensive skills at the centre of the park is second to none on the planet, with former teammate Robert Huth crediting him for their successful Premier league title winning season of 2016. Kante’s quality cannot be overemphasized and that is believed to be the reason Maurizio Sarri deploys him to the wide right of Chelsea’s 3-Man midfield.

Fabregas performance according to some section of the media means that Kante might find it difficult returning to his natural position anytime soon, though others believes that he was allowed too much time and space by the Belarussian side.

Sarri turns to the Premier League where stop Jorginho, stop Chelsea seems to be the trending news at the moment. Sarri might decide to alter his approach at the centre of the park though it remains to be seem

Kante might have to improve his technical skills if he wants to return to his natural playing habitat at Chelsea.