onaldo netted on Sunday evening as Juventus defeated AC Milan 2-0 to maintain their unbeaten run at the Italian top flight division. Ronaldo at the received praise for his increasing goal contribution to the Old Lady, with Adriano Galliani and Massimiliano Allegri describing him.

Prior to the game former Milan Chief Adriano Galliani talked to Sky Sports before the game kicked off at San Siro. He said: “I miss Milan a lot, but for me life has not changed so much: first I was Monza fan and Milan’s CEO, now I’m a Milan fan and Monza’s CEO. Higuain-CR7? They are two great players, of course, Cristiano Ronaldo is unreachable, but Higuain is a great striker”.

Massimiliano Allegri described Ronaldo as a typical striker in his post-match talk. He said: “He’s an atypical striker, he plays outside and he comes in. In the final minutes I put him striker and he scored goals, the three in front are good because they cover the field in the same way regardless of the position of the others”.

Allegri went to comment on the overall performance of the Old Lady after their recent mid-week defeat to Manchester United in the UEFA Champions league. He said: “Best match of the season?” We came back just after the Manchester defeat that could weigh, the guys were good at attacking the match right away. Put aside the last 5 minutes against United. In the chance of the penalty Matuidi and Alex Sandro had gone a bit further, and Szczesny was very good to save it”.