The Portuguese playmaker made a cocky statement which stunned Manchester United players upon his arrival from Sporting Lisbon in the summer of 2003.

Quintone Fortune made this revelation why speaking with the media. He said: “Ronaldo came with so much confidence, it was unbelievable. He walked in the changing room and basically told everyone he’s the best”. “Not in perfect English but you could make it out. The set he above all the young players and he could back it up with his work ethic and ability”. “Even at that age he wanted to be better at everything”. “If you did something in training he’d practice and come back and do it”.

Meanwhile Real Madrid is yet to recover from the departure of Ronaldo. The Los Blancos side seems to have lost their fear factor as they are yet to win in five consecutive games. The reigning UEFA Champions league winner recently slumped to Levante to justify the present situation.

Levante goalkeeper Oier Olazabal believes that the Spanish club is seriously missing the Portuguese goal machine. He said: “Even they are not as good as they usually are, that aim they have”. “Cristiano brings you a lot of goals. He scored 50 goals per season and it is clear that they miss them”. “I enjoyed it, to win at the Saintiago Bernebeu is nice. It is a historic moment for this squad and this club”