Chelsea defender Azpilicueta believes that Eden Hazard has the potential to be the best performer in the world if he becomes more aggressive inside the box.

Eden Hazard since his arrival from Lille in the summer of 2012 has been established as one of the elite performers in the England top flight division.

The attacker has reached double figures in four season of his arrival in the Premier league, as well as registering himself as a playmaker and creative force. The Player have already scored 5 goals in Chelsea’s current league season.

Azpilicueta who also arrived at the same time with the Belgian had monitored the player’s performance within his stay with the club and believes the former Lille attacker is almost approaching global elite status.

In an interview with MailOnline, Azpilicueta said: “I know Eden, we came here together and I played against him in France so I have seen him for a long time but, yes, I’m sure he can be the best”. “He has that quality of eliminating defenders. It’s amazing. But this season he is adding goals and assists”. “Sometimes he was playing very good, but maybe not selfish; he always gives passes to team-mates”. “[Lionel] Messi, Cristiano [Ronaldo], they score 50 goals a year and that is very difficult in England”. “But from his point of view, if he’s more aggressive in the box by scoring goals and making assists, he will be the top of his game. In normal play he can create chances. It looks very easy. He goes quick, he scores with both feet”. “Eden has all the qualities to be the best, and his personality as well, the way he behaves. He’s the best player in the team, but the way he respects everyone, he’s a normal person”. “That’s amazing to have the best player and his behaviour and everyone loves him in the club. That’s as important as his work on the pitch”.