Former Belgium international Steven Defour has stated that Eden Hazard will depart Chelsea for Real Madrid. The midfielder made the statement on Saturday in preparation of Chelsea’ visit to the Turf-Morr Park on Sunday.

According to the midfielder, Eden Hazard ranks as the best after Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, and that the Premier League might have become small for him.

Defour said: ‘The Premier League is still the best competition in the world. But if you are talking club-wise, Real Madrid and Barcelona are above the Premier League.

‘As a player you want to play at the highest level. The highest level is the Premier League, but the highest clubs at this moment are Barcelona and Real Madrid.

‘It is still a personal choice. If you are an English player playing for a top club in England, that might be good for you.

‘Since Eden was a little boy, he has dreamed about playing for Real Madrid and at some point when you get the opportunity you might take it.’

Defour is also of the opinion that Eden Hazard alongside Kevin De Bruyne ranks as one of the greatest players Belgium has ever produced as a nation

He said: ‘I think Kevin and Eden are the best ones, but they are very different. Kevin is the starting point of all the attacking play and Eden is a finisher. So Kevin can put the ball wherever you want. Eden, with the ball, can do whatever you want.

‘I think actually Eden’s the best player in the Premier League, and that he’s just behind Messi and Ronaldo. You cannot compare other players to Messi and Ronaldo. Those two are up at the top. I think at this moment, Eden is the best of the rest.’