The game of football is a contact sport and what this implies is that there is bound to be contact between players during a game. At times, this contact is not pretty and may result in serious injuries that may be career or even life threatening. As such,  player’s personal injury law have been made to guard against such injuries.
One of the most frequent injuries suffered by football players through contact on the pitch is concussion.
A concussion is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that can lead to life-altering complications if it is not immediately cared for. This condition can result in a victim suffering from short-term and long-term neurological disorders that can affect a person’s memory and senses.
A concussion is a type of TBI caused by a blow to the head or body, a fall, or another injury that violently shakes the brain inside a person’s skull.
Because of the aggressive behavior required by the game at the highest level, football players are highly susceptible to dangerous sport injuries that often lead to concussions and other complications that may arise therefrom. When a player is struck, especially on the head, his brain can be pushed against the inside of his skull and can be bruised. Different parts of the brain can move at different speeds and may stretch or tear nerve issue.
A hard hit can also seriously alter a person’s chemical balances and result in loss of consciousness. Although some nerve tissues will grow back, others that are more severely injured can permanently lose their ability to send signal and communicate with other brain cells.
Even when the player is equipped with protective head gear, these dangers are always present and may cause significant short- and long-term effects
Given the huge threat to life which concussion pose,  FIFA, football’s apex decision body, have promulgated several rules to mitigate its effects.
According to a standing FIFA protocol, if two players clash their heads during a football game,  it is mandated that immediate medical attention is given to the players involved and the players will only be allowed to proceed with the game if and only if the team doctor confirms them okay to  continue.
If due to negligence a player suffers concussion or its symptoms worsen, the player may be entitled to compensation if he decides to launch a personal injury lawsuit. It is a huge offence for a player to be forced back into action in a football game, after suffering concussion. When this is done and a complication arises,  a suit can be made against the club and a huge compensation will be due the player.