The purpose of betting is to make more money, but most times we end up losing the one will have, what if a show you a method that will pay you double even when you bet and lose.

With the emergence of many betting company, Betting companies are looking for a better way to get more betting clients. New betting companies are throwing lots of bonuses around, but since the main reason of bet is to make new money, I have discovered where you can make money weekly from paying bets. Did you just hear making money playing bets? Yes making money paying bets.

As fake or unreal as this may sound, it is actually real and 100% legit. I will tell you how in just few minute, the good thing is that 1Xbet has the highest betting odds in Nigeria so far,  lots of bonuses ranging from 200% sign up bonus to birthday bonuses, Friday weekly bonuses, X2 Wednesday promotion and bonus when you lose 20 tickets. Am not finished yet, here is the interesting part,  you can insure your bet, Meaning that you pay a small amount for a bet you placed, if you lose, you will get the amount you used in playing the bet, if this is not too interesting then wait to hear what I have to say next.

Now open your eyes wide and read, this betting company has groups on Whatsapp, they give the highest bet player in a week X2 of the amount he spent on betting in the week, irrespective of winning or losing in the bet slips played. It means that if you spent 5,000 on playing bet in the week and that was the highest amount of bet played in your group, you will get 10,000 sent directly to your bank account on Monday the following week. These offers are for new members who are yet to register.

How to win 1Xbet Amazing bonuses and highest played ticket weekly giveaway 

  1.  Join the Whatsapp Group through this link to get promo code (Whatsapp group Link.)
  2. Register with 1xbet through this Promo link and put the Promo code you will get from the group admin when you join the group, during registration to get 200% bonus.
  3. Go to your profile edit it and put from personal information. (Note: you will need your National ID number).
  4. Deposit  any amount not less than 550 Naira, using any of the deposit option. Screenshot your first Deposit and send to your group Admin.
  5. Play bet and screenshot all your bet tickets, send the screenshot of the ticket to the group Admin on Sunday between 2pm to 8pm. The highest player will be announced on Monday morning and paid double of the amount spent. The proof of payment will be uploaded in the group.

Terms and Condition

  1. The highest amount placed must not be higher than 5,000 naira.
  2. This draw starts by 12am on Monday and ends on 11:59pm on Saturday. Only bets played within this period are considered.
  3. In case of more than 1 group member hitting same highest bet played, X2 of the amount will be shared among all the people who hit the same highest played amount.