Jose Mourinho has casted doubt over the recent activities Video Assistant Referee has played at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Adding that VAR may mar or make better decision in the nearest future

The Video Assistant Referee, which was built to assist Referees in reviewing unseen decision by the centre Referee through video footage, VAR came into play by the International football Association Board (IFAB). It was design for trials in some major tournaments like the Carabao cup, FA Cup and recently the World Cup.

According to Jose Mourinho views, VAR has awarded many goals through penalties and set-pieces where some unseen foul are being recalled after some minutes of the incident especially the controversial decision between England and Colombia of which the former won on penalties.

The game between both teams saw them fighting and drawing each other’s shirts for much times during the game. Trying all possible means in provoking opponents into producing tackles and quarrels, which with the help VAR produces the needed decisions for the Referee. Mourinho, who made this known after the penalty shootout that England eventually won in Moscow, that VAR may mar or make better decision in the nearest future. He said “People are focusing on Neymar, but if it was only Neymar I would be happy, but it’s not only Neymar. Every team has lots of diving, lots of pretending, lots of putting pressure on the referee. The game loses quality, and for me that was the negative point. It’s not about England and Colombia, it’s almost every match, they are creating such a difficult job for the referees in every match. Even with VAR the players are creating problems. I was surprised to see central defenders like Harry Maguire, normally he is a very honest guy, diving in the attacking box asking the referee for VAR. The players should feel the responsibility of playing in the World Cup in front of billions of spectators”.

This has been the first time VAR is being used at a World Cup tournament and in a major Tournament that connects with different countries.

The way VAR has influenced and affected notably the way many defenders conducted themselves has been positive, and has it is will go in a long way benefit the way of football games. And it really benefited the English side, as Colombia defenders were cautious in any tackle against the likes of Harry Kane, which gave him edge to score from set-pieces.

Nevertheless, VAR and it changes are necessary in the game of sports and maybe used in all FIFA related football games in all part of the World. Although it’s yet to been seen how influential and acceptance by the likes of UEFA, CAF and others.