Nemanja Matic has made a revelation about teammate Anthony Martial. The Frenchman seems to be in current form with the former Monaco forward netting four goals in his last three league games.

Nemanja Matic being critical of the quality of the Frenchman believes that the player could be one of the best players in the Premier League if he attains his potential.

“Anthony is a great player and he needs to understand that,” he said. “He needs more confidence”. “He is still young and I think if he continues to score in the next games he will get that”. “If he reaches his top level he can be one of the best players in the league for sure. Sometimes I don’t think he understands how good he is”. “Sometimes he is quick, he is good with the ball, and he can run. He has everything that a Manchester United football player needs. Sometimes I don’t think he understands that”. “If I had his ability with the ball and I was as quick as him then I wouldn’t pass to anyone and I would score every game!”

Martial seemed exit-bound last summer with the player falling out of favour with Jose Mourinho. However, the clubs management vetoed the exit and the move really paid off. The Frenchman has played his part to ensure that Manchester United get seven points from a nine points including a draw at Stamford Bridge.

“To be serious, he does need more confidence and this comes with results,” Matic said. “When you don’t have results it is very difficult for players to have that high confidence”. “If we can get results over the next few games and improve as a team he will show that he is very important for us”.

“The manager speaks with him about it. I have told him once”. “But he is a great person and a great guy and I am happy for him that he is scoring. It is great”. “The quality is there, and he just needs to be more consistent. I am glad we have him in the team”. “In football and in life you have difficult times and you have to get back on track and that is exactly what he is doing.”