Manchester United visits neighbors Manchester City on Sunday with Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola extending their rivalries. Manchester city remains unbeaten in the league as well as the league leaders while the Red Devils languish in seventh position.

However history seems to have tipped the way of Manchester United in their last visit to the Etihad stadium as the Red Devils cam from 2 goals to win 3-2 to ensure the Citizens never won the title early.

Nemanja Matic who featured in the game believes the Red Devils could draw strength as well as learn a lot from the fixture.

Discussing his views towards the game, Matic said: “I remember that at half-time we felt that it was very hard [for us] but the manager came inside, sat with us and said he was believing that we can turn the result around”. “He said that in the first 20 minutes, before they scored the first goal that we were the better side and he asked for us to continue to play like that – the first 20 minutes”. “He said if we did that, we had a chance to score goals and get some points – that’s exactly what we did”. “Paul [Pogba] scored two goals, Chris [Smalling] scored too, and it was a great comeback”. “I think in that moment, our supporters felt very proud and I was also very happy to make them happy to not allow Man City to celebrate winning the Premier League title in front of us.”

Matic, who has the experience of playing intense derbies during his time with Chelsea and Benfica revealed what made them special for players.

“Always, a few days before the game, the people create that atmosphere that is special to them”. “We, as players, feel that it’s special because it’s special for our supporters and the club.”