Morata who is believed to be back in form, has revealed the agony he passed through at Chelsea last season. The Spaniard who is currently in form was urged by Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri to toughen up after scoring a brace against Crystal Palace on Sunday. Sarri further expressed concerns about the player’s mental toughness while stating that he wants to see the player improve.

Morata’s first season at Chelsea began on a blast but quickly fell apart as injuries and poor form crept in. Morata revealed how he blamed the rain when he missed clear cut chance.

He said: ‘I’m better,’ Morata said. ‘I think no one, only my wife, knows how big the last year was. ‘The injury, it killed me. Now, it’s OK. In the last month of last season, I was down, down, down, down. I cannot be more down.

‘When you touch the limit, the only thing you can do is to come back. ‘I had a period where, if it’s raining, I’m angry because it’s raining. If I miss, it’s because the pitch is too wet. It was only excuses. It is not good. ‘Everyone can have a bad period in their life. But we are famous, we have a lot of things. Sometimes people think we are not human, with no feelings, no problems.

 ‘The important thing is to find the right balance. Now, I have, and I am very happy.’ Morata has bagged four goals in his last four Premier League appearances, and Chelsea fans are hoping 26-year-old can find consistency in front of goal. Chelsea were rumored to want to offload Morata in the summer and have been tipped to sell him in January, but the forward insists he is now on top of the mental side of his game.

‘It takes time. Because I had an injury, I was not fit when playing. But now I feel good,’ Morata continued. ‘The most important thing is that, finally, I have found the right way and my head is OK. ‘In football, physical condition is very important, but the head is the most important thing. If you don’t have the head, if the mentality is not good, then you are in trouble.’