Sky Sport reporter Aidan Magee, believes that it will take huge offer for Old Trafford bosses to sell the France international.

Pogba’s future at the theatre of dreams have been questioned after his strain relationship.

Speaking with Transfer Talk Podcast, Aidan Magee claims to Mourinho is trying to initiate a shift in his relationship with Pogba. He added, “Manchester United fans maybe dissatisfied with Mourinho but I also think from their record signing they haven’t seen the best of Pogba.

“Yes there will be questions over the fact he plays a more advanced role for France than he does for United so maybe he’s not being deployed correctly”. “But the next stage is if he leaves Man United and performs well elsewhere it makes Man United look silly”. “It sounds to me as if Jose Mourinho has been told in the background ‘don’t devalue the player’. “I don’t think he likes being told what to do and those comments are too over the top in my view. “In terms of who has the power, one party has just come back from the World Cup having had a key role in helping France win it for the first time in 20 years. “The other one, the extending question from that from United fans is ‘would they be sad to see him go?’ “I don’t think they’d be sad to see the back of Mourinho right now. “Zinedine Zidane is floating around with three Champions Leagues under his belt. “I certainly think he wants to go to Barcelona or Real Madrid. “Whether he will go out I’m not so sure, unless Barcelona come to the table with a big, big offer.