Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has reported lashed out at four players currently in his Manchester United squad in an interview in Spain.

The Manchester club have struggled in the current football with 12 points separating the club from league leaders Manchester City, with Mourinho frustrated with the current state of the club.

Mourinho seemingly has pointed his fingers are four players he believes have failed to deliver.

In an interview with Univision, as quoted by Metro, Jose Mourinho said: “They are lacking maturity. And let me be clear when I say maturity, I mean maturity on a personal level.

“We had more men, we were more mature, we were more prepared for life, and we were less protected.

“They are spoilt kids now, the kids of today have a different life, an easier environment and I’m talking about the people around the players.

“These people give them too much affection and too many excuses. People mature much more slowly now.

“Luke Shaw, he’s got big potential but doesn’t know how to behave. Big potential, yes, big potential.

“We’re talking about Luke Shaw, Martial, Lingard, Rashford – young, big potential, but at the end of the day it results in the word I cannot say [cojones], but you use it a lot here… character, personality, they lack a little.”

Manchester United has not won the Premier league since the retirement of Sir Alex Fergusen in 2013.