Former Real goalkeeper Iker Casillas has launched a strong dig at Jose Mourinho following Liverpool’s 3-1 victory over the Red Devils on Sunday in the Premier League.

The Manchester club was second best throughout the encounter as Liverpool dominate proceedings.

There have been several calls to axe the fomer Real Madrid and Chelsea from the Old Trafford job, and former player Iker Casillas has come out to publicly criticize his former trainer.

Casillas tweeted: “According to a Portuguese newspaper someone said that a player like me (37 years) is at the end of his career. Completely agree! My question, for that newspaper: in the case of coaches, when and what point do we see that they are no longer of capable of leading or training a team?”

Casillas went on to criticize Jose Mourinho’s tactical approaches towards game, with several media handle citing cases of dull attack, uncoordinated, poorly timed and lack of creative ideas by Red Devils player when they are on the break.

However other media outlets are of the opinion that statement of the former Real Madrid goalie is connected to his relationship with the Portuguese trainer at the Bernebeu during his time there. Media handle believe that Casillas was reacting to Jose Mourinho’s statement of him playing more like a football at the closing stage of his football career.

Interesting timing for Casillas to speak out – hours after United suffered a bad defeat at the hands of rivals Liverpool, a club he was linked with before they signed Alisson Becker, as per the Daily Express.