Pogba was linked to be the one that suggested the tactical change in the 3-2 victory over Newcastle at Old Trafford, but football analyst Duncan Stile has come out to rubbish such claims.

Duncan Stile, however stated that the Frenchman merely followed the tactical commands of the Portuguese trainer in the game.

Speaking to Transfer Window Podcast, he said: “We should put one reported myth to bed here.

“It’s been reported Paul Pogba was responsible for the tactical change (against Newcastle) and it was his idea that he play further back and that Fellaini come on to play behind the attackers.

“I put that to the people involved and was told it was absolute rubbish and big lies.

“Those tactical changes were instigated by him (Mourinho).

“There was lots of discussion whether the players had stopped playing for him.

“But when it came down to it, the best goal and key goal they scored, was scored by a combination of Anthony Martial and Paul Pogba.

“If you were to pick two players who were most likely to down tools and say ‘here’s out chance to get rid of the manager’ it would have been those two.”

The Red Devils return to action in the coming weekend, when the visit high flying Chelsea at the Bridge. Manchester United have never scored or grabbed a point at the Bridge since the Mourinho era.