Marcos Alonso has proven to be one of the most consistent contributors to the Chelsea project in the current era. The Spaniard whose transfer generated a lot of heat and disgust from the media has proven to be one of the best transfers of the Conte era. Alonso seems to have invented a particularly football approach which has placed him worthy to be on the radar of Real and Athletico Madrid.

Alonso seems to be an evolution of the left-back in the modern era. A look back to a decade ago, Ashley Cole assisted goals while on the offensive, but was remembered more for his contribution in defense especially in the club’s Champions league exploit of 2011/2012 season.

The departure of the Englishman however, created a loophole in the club’s defense as his quality was missed. The London club failed to acquire a suitable replacement and resulted to feature Ceasar Azpilicueta in the left-back position. Marcos Alonso sudden emergence in the club seems to have changed the roles of full backs not just in the club but in the continent as his offensive ability eclipses his defensive weakness.

Marcos Alonso was initially signed as a make shift defender in 2016, but turned out to be one of the shining stars in Chelsea league triumph in the same year. Luck smiled on the Spaniard when Conte decided to adopt a 3-4-3 formation after the 3-0 defeat to Arsenal. The former Fiorentina and Bolton footballer had gone from then to justify why he is among the most coveted fullbacks on the continent.

Marcos Alonso’s quality has been under criticism particularly in the defensive aspect. Alonso certainly lacks the speed, tenacity and efficiency of the last generation full backs, with the Spaniard a mile behind top full-backs such as Marcelo, Jordi Alba, Mendy and Alaba but had completely brought out a new approach to the position.

Marcos Alonso has proven that what he lacks defensively, he can complement offensively, the accuracy he lacks in crosses ,he makes up with lethal shots, the speed he lacks with the ball, he makes up with his wisdom. The full-back seems to remind Chelsea faithful’s of Branislav Ivanovic who lacked the quality of a right full-back defensively but made up with crucial goals during his time at the Bridge.

Marcos Alonso’s performance in Chelsea’s first three games of the season seems to have silenced critics and supporters who doubt his credentials. The 25yr old had already been involved in 5 of the club’s goals. Alonso has gifted the Blues penalty twice, scored once, assisted one and forced an own goal.

Marcos Alonso began another style of play for fullback, but the question remains whether the fullback will continue in his current footstep and perfect the art of scoring goals or whether he is to focus more on defending the ball like his predecessor Ashley Cole did. Time will tell whether we might have a role of football called “The Alonso role”.