Cristiano Ronaldo’s future has been the topic in the Spanish press for some time now, as he is recently said to be linked to Italy with Juventus touted to be his next destination, the report also has it that Real Madrid are ready to accept the deal on the table, which is said to be in the region of  €100 million from the Italian giants.

According to a self acclaimed director of speculation, Josip Pedrerol said that the Los Blancos are ready to let the Portuguese superstar leave and it appears the Old Lady club are willing to meet his demands in wages.

However, Josip Pedrerol also revealed that the five time Ballon D’Or winner had already known about Juventus interest before Real Madrid Champions League final with Liverpool last May in Kiev, which made him suggest he would be leaving the Spanish capital.

Notwithstanding, the Italian pundits have quashed the speculation and believe the story to be false as it’s impossible for the former Manchester United player joining Juventus. This made Ex-Juventus director Luciano Moggi  in an interview with Sportitalia confirms the news as rumour.

He said, (It makes me laugh. Juve’s problem is not Ronaldo, it’s putting together the defence and the midfield. For me they would be wrong to get Cristiano with a €30 million salary. Everyone should remember that I had a deal to buy him as a kid, Ronaldo, but Marcelo Salas said no, so it didn’t happen).

Although Juventus are known to be cautious in transfer market, breaking the bank with such amount for a player who is above 30 will be seen as waste and no value, and looking at Juventus way of spending in the market, which will be difficult to cough out such whooping sum, But Jugones explained that Juve can meet up with his weekly wages but that may cause stir in Juventus dressing room.

However, Juventus are seriously hungry to taste the Champions league glory, with this desperation, they may be tempted to go against their way of doing business in the transfer market.

Although it is likely difficult to snap up the Portuguese superstar but not that impossible, because nothing can’t happen in the world of football.

Although, Real Madrid new manager is said to be willing to offload Ronaldo, for him to be able to build new dynasty in Madrid.

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