Andy Robertson believes that Eden Hazard is among the top five players in the World, as he prepares to lock horns with Belgium playmaker on Friday night.

The World cup semi-finalist will visit Hampden Park for a friendly as preparation for their Nations league opener in Iceland on Tuesday, with the Scots lurking horns with Albania in their first game on Monday night.

Scotland coach Alex Mcleish have appointed Liverpool’s full back as captain and the Robertson has plenty of experience against the Chelsea playmaker.

The former Dundee united, QPR and Hull city full back said: “He is up there. He is probably in the top five at the minute”. “I played against him many a time and even if he is having a quiet game he can pop up at any point and turn a game and that is what we are up against”. “He is special. The way he turns and gets at players, he can commit two or three defenders at a time and that is a very special trait, there is not many that have it but he has it”. “He has been unbelievable for Chelsea and Belgium and he is somebody we will need to watch”. “The problem with Belgium is you can’t focus on Hazard as someone else pops up”. “’That is one of the problems of playing a world-class team, you have to be aware of all their threats and we will be ready for them and do our best to stop them.”