Cristiano Ronaldo will play his second game at Old Trafford since departing Manchester United for Real Madrid in the summer of 2009. The Portuguese who is currently facing a rape allegation is remaining confident that he will cleared of all charges.

The Portuguese was accused of raping US model Kathryn Mayorga in a penthouse back in 2009, but the Portuguese player has come out twice to deny such claims in his Instagram page as well as Pre-match press conference which held on Monday at the Old Trafford.

“I know I am an example,” Ronaldo said. “I know, 100 per cent. On the pitch and outside (of) the pitch, so I am always smiling, I am a happy man.

“I’m blessed that I play in a fantastic club, I have a fantastic family, I have four kids, I am healthy.

“I have everything, so the rest doesn’t interfere … so I’m very, very glad.”

When question about the allegation by another journalist, Ronaldo said: “You didn’t listen to what I say. I am a happy man.

“This is not … we did the statement two weeks ago, if I’m not wrong. So, I am glad … of course, I’m not going to lie in this situation. I’m very happy.

“My lawyers, they are confident, and, of course, I am, too. So, most important is I enjoy the football, I enjoy my life.

“The rest … I have people who take care of my life and, of course, the truth is always coming in the first position. So, I’m good.”

The former Real Madrid was Joyous throughout the press statement at No.7 Lounge were his faced joined George Best, David Beckham and Eric Cantonna.

Ronaldo remains fans favorite, a status which means that he would not celebrate when he score against his former team.

“It is a huge, emotional thing for me to come back,” Ronaldo said. “I mean, I can remember what it was like when I was here in Manchester and know all about the history.

“I won lots of trophies here – the cups, leagues, the Champions League.

“I remember also the support as well. The support is fantastic and Sir Alex Ferguson is someone I will never, ever forget. Someone who gave me a huge lift in my career and I would like to express my best possible wishes to him.

“When I knew that we were going to be playing against Manchester United, it was huge for me.”