The Presentation of the Balon D’or accolade comes up next Monday with many rumor monger speculating various likely choice for the individual prize. In ranking presented by International Federation of History and Statistics football (IHFFS) Croatian international Luka Modric ranks in top spot with 272 points, with Barcelona’s Lionel Messi with 144 points while Chelsea’s Eden Hazard makes up the top three list with 114 points. . In the fourth position is placed Kevin de Bruyne, fifth Neymar, sixth Pogba and seventh Eriksen. At the eighth place the first representative of Serie A, Miralem Pjanic. Ninth place for James Rodriguez. Cristiano Ronaldo could only manage tenth spot with barely 5 points.

World cup winners Antonio Greizmann, Raphael Varane and Kevin Mbappe missed out in the list though indicated in the race for the Balon D’or by several media channels.

Though it remains to be seen whether the IHFFS ranking report will have any effect on the Balon D’or awards on Monday. Ronaldo has the goal figures and also a UEFA Champions league accolade as a bargaining chip for the trophy.

Recall that Ronaldo missed out on the UEFA best player accolade and FIFA Men’s award to former teammate and Croatian international Luka Modric earlier this year.