Cristiano Ronaldo’s form in the current era of football has stunned the Bianconeri and Portuguese footballer seems ageless on the pitch. Ronaldo’s performance on the field have defied all expectations as the Portuguese international continues to prove why he is among the greatest to have graced the game in the modern era.

Ronaldo’s form have been subject of interest for the media, with both footballer and none footballer trying to decipher the secret of his style of football which has placed him on a different class of football.
Ronaldo according Tuttosport might have bowed to pressure as he has revealed the secret to his blistering form. The media handle reports that the Portuguese international in an interview with Children of Turn, said:  “Children, you are very special for me”, Ronaldo wrote. “You want to know if I eat cakes? I always try to have healthy food, it’s very important for me. I try to avoid alcohol and sweats even if sometimes I eat them to relax. There are three important things to do: “Sleep well, eat well and train hard. These are the three most important things for a footballer.
If you don’t train consistently, if you don’t train your shooting skills, your pace, your dribbling, you’ll get worse”.
“I am happy to be here at Juventus. Fans are extraordinary, the club is amazing and the organization at the club is excellent. My teammates are humble, they work hard. Juventus is amazing and Turin is really cool. It’s different and smaller than Madrid but I really like it”.
The statement is not far fetch from an earlier quote by the former Brazil legend Ronaldo who descibred his Portuguese namesake as a workaholic.