Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri has revealed that he and Liverpool manager Kloop were exchange pleasantries during the Chelsea and Liverpool game. The two tactician were spotted sharing laughter when Chelsea led the game before the Daniel Sturridge screamer late on in the game.

Despite being very close to suffering his first league defeat of the Premier League season, Kloop still hand pleasant discussion with Sarri down the touchline.

‘There are moments when the grand spectacle of it all convinces you to put aside any regrets,’ he told Corriere dello Sport. ‘Even if you concede at the last minute or five minutes into stoppage time.

‘That was an extraordinary show. Just 10 minutes earlier, I saw Klopp looking at me with the game going on. I asked: “Why are you smiling?” He replied: “Aren’t you having fun?”

‘I said: “so much” and he added: “me too.” He was losing at the time.

‘Even after the equaliser, remembering that moment, we hugged like two old friends. I’m sure he would’ve done the same even if Liverpool hadn’t equalised.

‘The Premier League has this joy of football.’

Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City make the three teams in the title race, with all parties yet to test league defeat in the current league season. However Manchester City tops the league with their superior goal difference.