Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri has revealed why needs Kante to be close to summer signing Jorginho when Chelsea are not in possession.

Jorginho has made a bright start to his life at Stamford Bridge following his arrival from Napoli last summer, by becoming a crucial piece in Sarri’s football philosophy.

However his quality was questioned following Chelsea’s defeat to Tottenham Hotspur at the Wembley stadium, as the midfielder lacked the defensive onus to compliment the position he is featuring it. Calls have been made for the Chelsea trainer to return Frenchman N’Golo Kante to his natural position though Sarri has maintained that he wants a creative player in the holding role.

Sarri while discussing Kante’s performance noted that Jorginho’s weakness and why the 2018 World Cup winner needs to protect him.

“I think he [Kante] played very well. He defended very well,” Sarri said. “He needs, I think, to improve a little more from the tactical point of view, but it’s natural. In the national team he usually plays with the two midfielders.

“Last season, sometimes with two midfielders and sometimes with three but in the same position. So I think it’s normal he needs to improve.

“Today [his positioning was] better, I think. When the ball was on the other side of the pitch, better. I remember only one mistake in the first half.

“With the ball on the other side, he has to stay very close to Jorginho. Otherwise it’s a big problem for us.

“Jorginho can cut out passes from the opposition, but he’s not very good in the defensive phase in open spaces. So I think we need Kante very close to him.”