Chelsea legend Makalele, has reiterated that Maurizio Sarri has what it takes to lead Chelsea to the promise land in the current season. The French legend believes that the presence of Hazard and Kante will be a catalyst for Sarri’s success at the club.

Makalele in an interview with Daily Star stated: “I’m confident”. “He [Sarri] still has good players, [Eden] Hazard is there, [N’Golo] Kante is there. “These kinds of players give a different story about Chelsea than the way we knew Chelsea before. “I think he has the capacity to make history for Chelsea again”.

Makalele was part of Jose Mourinho’s title winning side of the 2004/2005 and 2005/2006 Premier league season.

Jose Mourinho like Antonio Conte deploys the tactics of opposition’s capacity to operate particularly at the middle of the park while punishing them on the break.

Makalele under the Portuguese tactician provided the basis for modern defensive midfielder as his ability to read the ball and shut down oppositions attack earned him a name in the unpopular role.

While Antonio Conte and Jose Mourinho supplies winning football, the entertainment aspect of the game is sacrificed as the winning is focused on.

Makelele however believes that Sarri could surpass the duo as he has provided both victories and entertainment without having to sacrifice any. The French legend concluded that with the few star players in the team, Sarri will succeed at the Bridge.