Cristiano Ronaldo’s future has been in the dark following his comments after Real Madrid win over Liverpool in the Champions League final, where he made a comment contradicting his future at the Spanish capital. Since then the world are waiting to see where the 33-year-old will end up, but after he and his National team has been eliminated from the world cup, news concerning Ronaldo’s future is still hanging.

However, report have it that the Portuguese superstar have been on lookout for another club after saying he would consider quitting the European Champions last May, but the question is where and which club is interested in his services.

Before now it was believed that the clubs interested in signing the 33-year-old are Manchester United, Manchester City or Paris Saint Germain, but the recent report is saying that Juventus has entered the race and currently are the front runners for Ronaldo’s signature after they tabled a whooping sum of £88 million to Real, according to the BBC.

Meanwhile, it was said that Real Madrid hierarchy are open to the offer, since it appeared that Ronaldo has made up his mind on leaving the Los Blancos, the report even went ahead to claim that the Portuguese superstar is aware of Juventus interest even before the Champions League final between Liverpool and Madrid.

And due that, Real Madrid board has charged Cristiano Ronaldo to make his intention public, because they want the decision to come directly from the player as they have reason for demanding such. The report also made it known that Ronaldo’s comments have affected the team in a negative manner.

The report from the Madrid board reads (Cristiano Ronaldo’s potential transfer to Juventus is reaching an important moment. Real Madrid know about Cristiano’s wish to leave but they won’t accept Juventus’ offer unless the player publicly explains why he wants to go. The remit from Florentino Perez is clear: If you want to leave, say as much and I will accept the offer. Perez doesn’t want there to be any backlash coming his way and is putting the emphasis on the player to explain his reasons for a move away).

So as it stands right now, it’s left for Ronaldo to come out publicly and state reasons why he seeks for a move away from the Spanish capital. But the question is, could it be that Ronaldo was just trying to see if his wages would be increased or was he really serious about his comments?

However, it’s yet to be seen if the five time Ballon D’Or winner will do as he is asked by coming out to state why he wants to leave or commit his future to Real Madrid, but whichever way, the decision he will take, will neither affect him positively or otherwise.

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