Cesc Fabrigas has advised that his fellow Chelsea ace has the ability to be scoring 40 or more goals in a season for Chelsea because of his physicality. The Belgium attacker Eden Hazard scored 12 goals last in the Premier League, which is 4 goals less to compare the 16 he netted the previous season that helped Chelsea to the premier title.

Eden Hazard had been on Real Madrid’s radar since last year and if not for his late injury last June, he would been a Los Blancos player, notwithstanding the Belgian superstar is still being linked  to real Madrid in a mega-deal move.

Cristiano Ronaldo has made name already at Madrid, and has in 8 years at the Los Blancos netted 40 or more goals in a single season. That made Cesc Fabregas to suggest same no Hazard to try and replicate such figure based on his talent and pace.

Fabregas went ahead to explain why Hazard haven’t been scoring more goals, he stressed that he a kind of player that always try to pass while when he is expected to score he dribbles. “He always does that and bypasses any defence in the world. “I understand when it is between me and the opponent and I am the one with the ball, it’s normal that I try to make the pass, because I don’t have the same qualities as Eden! “I do jokingly tell him sometimes that ‘if I had your physical abilities, I would be scoring 40goals a season’. “Because you can dribble pass everyone and but I can’t. “I have to play in a different way, but he has the speed, strength and talent – he has everything with the likes of Ronaldo and Messi.”

Hazard and his Belgium teammates started their World Cup on Monday on a high with 3-0 win over Panama.