Former Manchester united player and Pogba’s former team mate has stood up for the Manchester United mid-fielder Paul Pogba stating that his professional, still have a great future ahead and that everyone is jealous because he makes more money than them.

Although Paul Pogba has not been at his best in 2018, but he was France team savior after he secured a winning goal for France against Australia in their opening match of 2018 Fifa world cup.

Lots of people have recently criticized Pogba’s performance in Manchester united in 2018, probably because his drop form after injury, others has suggest that is because his playing his correct wing, some others believe he should put more effect, but Ibrahimovic has defender him and has this to say.

“He played in a European final, UEFA Cup final, and he’s won trophies. And he’s still young and he’s still improving.

“If you want to talk, you talk about the other ones who didn’t win. He won. He is doing his job and he’s getting better and he’s becoming more mature.

“Expectations are high, obviously, because we know how good he is.

“But as I know him personally, he works very hard, he’s very professional, he wants always to improve and when I see all this criticism from everyone it’s all jealously because he makes more money than them.”

However, Ibrahimovic may be correct, because Pogba is one of the players bought at high amount and his a highly paid player among his mate.